Adding or Editing a Blog or News Post

Gate 39 Media Support -

To add or edit a Blog or News Item Post:

1. Click the Posts section on the left column.  This is accessible from every page in the administration panel.

2. Once you have clicked on Posts you will be presented with the Posts Panel.  This is where you manage posts such as News, Blog entries, Articles, and events. In here you can Add a Post or Edit a post.


3. If you click Add New or a Post Title you will be taken to the Post Editing Panel.  From here you can Add or Edit Posts.


4. Insert the body of the article below.

5. On the right, select the Category where your post should appear. This is important as not all categories appear on all pages. Not selecting a category will keep the post hidden.

6. Click Save/Update in the right hand column to post your entry live

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