Membership user export

Sean Hayes -

All membership registrations are viewable in the WordPress admin Dashboard.
All membership controls are in the side section labeled Magic Members
All users / members are stored in the side section labeled Users

Download Membership User email addresses

To download the membership information for use in another application or service please do the following:

  • Login to WordPress
    Click on the Magic Members menu on the left sidebar to view the Magic Members dashboard


  • Then click on Members


  • Scroll down to the section entitled Export User Data


Change options if necessary:

  • Change the Membership Type using the drop down menu to limit the download to members of a specific type
  • Change the date range if you wish to only download a subset of members
  • Click on Export to download an Excel sheet of all users and their membership settings

Your browser will show the downloaded file ready to open or save.
Using Excel you can manipulate the file contents as appropriate

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