Upload and link directly to a file using an external link in WordPress

Gate 39 Media Support -

  1. In WordPress go to “Media” in the left-hand navigation within the WP Admin. 
  2. Click on “Add New”
  3. Select the file you wish to upload. It will then upload to the site. 
  4. Once the file reaches 100%, click on Edit.
  5. In the right-hand side in a gray box is information about the file. The link to the file will be: www.yourwebsite.com/assets/filename.pdf (where yourwebsite.com is your website, assets is the folder or directory it’s in, and then the name of the file you uploaded.
  6. Type this URL in your browser to verify it works, and then copy-paste into email or wherever you’d like it to go.
  7. You can make additional modifications here if necessary.
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