Mobile Sync for Android

Corey Wagehoft -

Please Note:Although Android runs on many different mobile devices, the set-up instructions remain pretty similar. Also, and before adding any sync service, you should consider backing up your existing data. You must also have Mobile Sync activated on your account by Gate 39 Media.

  1. Click your phone's Settings icon, then find and click: Accounts & Sync.

  2. Click the New Account or Add Account button.

  3. Select the Corporate or MS Exchange account type. Note some devices only allow one of these accounts.

  4. Enter your Email Address and Email Password. Then click Next.

  5. The following screen may differ considerably depending on your device. Remember to leave Domain Blank (the blank domain on left requires a backslash, "\", before your email address). The Server value is:

  6. The next screen allows some account settings to be changed. These can also be changed later so if you're unsure just keep the default settings.

  7. Finally, enter a name for the account and your display name and click Done.

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