Ensuring Sent Items from iPhone, iPad, Macs are stored on email server (in Webmail and Archiving)

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You've already set up you imap account(s) on the iphone. And it seems to work okay. You have collected mail in the inbox. Now there is a second step to ensure your sent emails will show up in Webmail (saved on the server). This step will only work once you've set up the mailbox and have checked for emails.

  1. Check for emails.
  2. Go back to: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > select the email account (ie: myaddress@fundmanager.com)
  3. You'll now see the IMAP Account screen for this account, tap the Account line then tap Advanced
  4. Look at Mailbox behaviors for Drafts, There will be nothing written in between Drafts Mailbox and the right pointing chevron.
  5. Select Drafts Mailbox. On next screen tap Drafts against 'on my iphone' or select the folder you want them to go to 'On the Server'.
  6. Go back to Mailbox behaviors
  7. Select Sent Mailbox and repeat what you did for Drafts. Note if you select 'On My iPhone' your sent emails will end up in the little paper airplane icon folder on the iPhone. Better for you and what you want to do if you select the Sent folder on the server.
  8. Repeat for Deleted
  9. Do NOT forget to press Done to apply the changes.
  10. Mailbox Behaviors will now have something written before the right pointing chevron.
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