Add Email Signature in Webmail

Jonathan Szewczyk -

  1. Log into your webmail account
  2. Click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen > Click Settings


  3. Click Composing Email > Signatures


  4. Create a new signature by clicking Add New Signature or edit a current signature by clicking the name of the signature and then Edit
  5. To add an image Click the Insert / Edit Image icon. NOTE: You may need to Enable Formatting by clicking the Enable Formatting link above the edit signature content box


  6. Choose your file > Click Insert
  7. Click OK > Save
  8. You may need to log out of Webmail and log back in to view the updates. 

NEXT: Save your default signature

Now that you've set up your signature, you have to save it as the default.

  1. From Settings > Composing--click the middle tab Identities
  2. Select the mailbox you are trying to setup the signature for and click the "Edit" box underneath.


  3. At the bottom of this small box, you will see "Default Signature" with a drop down. Change that drop down to the signature you'd like.


  4. Press ok and save. 


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