Creating a blog post

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Follow these steps to add blog / news content to your site.

  1. On Blogs page perform one of the following:
    • Click Create a post link under the name of the blog.


  1. Click Create a post button.
    The Create a post page appears.
  2. In the Title input field, enter the title of the post.
  3. In the text editor, enter the post itself.
    For more information, see The text editor.
  4. In Summary input field, you can enter a summery for the post.
  5. You can classify your blog post using the Categories and tags section.
    For more information, see Adding categories and tags to a content item.
    Classifying content helps you organize it. For more information about classifications, see Categories and tags.



  1. NOTE: While creating you blog post, you can use the Preview button to see a preview of the blog post and its properties.
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