Creating a Page

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  1. In the main menu at the top of the screen, click Pages.
    The Pages page appears, displaying one of the following:
    • If you have already created one or more pages, the system displays the sitemap and the following button in the toolbar of Pages page:

  2. To create a new page, click the Create a page.
    The Create a page page appears.
  3. Enter the following information for the new page:

    (mandatory field)

    The page name that you choose is used by the system to create auto-generated navigation links. The name must be as concise as possible.

    EXAMPLE: Company Info 

    Put this page…

    radio button group

    Use this radio button group to select the new page's parent page. The section determines where the page sits in the hierarchy of pages.

    Choose between the following:

    • At the top level
      This will be a top level page that has no parent.
    • Under parent page…
      A treeview with existing pages appears.

      NOTE: If you have not created any pages yet, choose At the top level button. You can make the page a subpage of another page later, using drag and drop.

    URL The URL is automatically generated based on the page name that you have chosen. The URL determines the new page's website address. 

    You can choose another URL by clicking Change button and entering the new name in the input field that appears.

    This overwrites the automatically generated URL.
    Show in navigation  If you deselect the Show in navigation checkbox, the page is not displayed in the automatically generated navigation.
    Group page If you select the Use this page only to group other pages checkbox, the page you are creating is going to be a group page.

    Group pages serve as containers for other pages. Group pages do not have their own content. When you open a group page it redirects to its first subpage (child).

    Page redirect If you select This page redirects to another page checkbox, it means the page you are creating does not have its own content. When a user opens the page, it redirects to another page or an external page.

    To select the page, which this page will redirect to, perform the following:

    1. Click Set page to redirect to button.
    2. Select one of the following:
      • Page from this site
        Click a page from the sitemap.
      • Web address
        Enter the URL address of the external page and select, if you want to Open this link in a new window.
    3. Click Done.
    Title for search engines The title used by search engines is automatically generated based on the page name you have chosen.
    You can choose another title by entering a new title or deleting the automatically generated one.
    The page title that you enter in this field is used in search engine results, web browser bookmarks and the web browser's title. The title must be descriptive.

    EXAMPLE: XYZ Company - Company Information.

    NOTE: By default, the title of the page is overridden by the title of the content it displays. You can change this behavior in the advanced mode of the respective widget, by changing property PageTitleModes to one of the following:

    • Replace
      The page title is replaced by the item title.
    • DoNotSet
      The page title is not altered.
    • Append
      The item title is appended to the page title.
    Description To add a description of the page, click Description, Keywords.

    The description that you enter is added to the page's header. The description is often used by search engines to provide a summary of the webpage.

    EXAMPLE: Information about XYZ Company's locations, history, corporate directory, employment opportunities, etc.

    Keywords To add keywords, click Description, Keywords.

    The keywords that you choose are conveying additional meaning to search engines and may have SEO benefits.

    EXAMPLE: The keywords for the page XYZ Company - Company Information can be XYZ Company, History, Hiring, Employment, Locations, Contact Information. When you enter the keywords for your page in the Keywords input field, separate them with commas.

  4. After you have entered all the information, required to create a page, click one of the following:
    • Create and go to add content
      The page is created and the system opens the page in content editing mode.
      In content editing mode you can customize the layout of the page, add content by adding widgets.
    • Create and return to Pages
      The page is created and saved in status Draft. The system returns you to Pages page.
    • Back to Pages
      You return to Pages page without creating and saving the page.
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