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  1. To login to Sitefinity, open your webpage and in the address bar of your browser, after the address of your webpage, enter /Sitefinity.

    The following login screen appears:

  2. Enter your username and password and click Login.

    The Dashboard of Sitefinity opens:


    The Dashboard is the welcoming page of Sitefinity administration, where you also have the following sections, represented as tabs:
    • Pages
      Use this tab to create, edit, and delete pages and page templates. You can change the status and the properties of pages and manage the sitemap.
      For more information, see the  Pages.
    • Content
      Use this tab to create and classify reusable content items, such as news, events, blog posts, etc. You can also upload different kind of media and documents.
      This guide describes the actions which you can perform on this tab.
      For more information, see Create content.


  • If you do not have the proper permission to access the website, when you try to login the system displays a message informing you about this.
    For more information, contact your system administrator.
  • Depending on the permission settings of your website, your administrator may have not granted you permissions for all of the tabs, described above.

NOTE: If you or somebody else has logged in Sitefinity using your credentials, the following screen appears:

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