Setting Up Form Notifications

Mandy Allen -

To set up Sitefinity form notifications, go the page where the form is located and click the edit link in the Forms with Notifications content block. The Select a Form window will pop up with the appropriate form already selected. Below the list of forms is an Email Options link, click the grey arrow to expand the options menu. Here you will see 4 fields to fill out:

  1. Subject of the email - Enter the subject of the email to identify which form notification is being received (i.e. Contact Form Submission)
  2. Email address to send form submissions - Enter the email address of the person/people to receive the form submission. If multiple people are receiving notifications be sure to separate each email address with a comma. (i.e.,
  3. Sender email address - This field sets who it looks like sent the email. The default email address is, but it can be changed to any other preferred address.
  4. Email address(es) to CC on form submissions - This field is optional, enter any recipients who should be CCed on the form notification. If multiple recipients are required, be sure to separate each email address with a comma.
After all necessary fields are filled out, click the Save button at the bottom of the window and then click the Publish button at the top of the page. The will push all your specifications live so the form will be fully functionally on your website.
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