How to add a user to Sitefinity

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1) First, log onto Sitefinity and click 'Administration' in the main navigation, then click 'Users.'

IMPORTANT: Before you create any users, you must set the password requirements and password recovery requirements.


2) Once you are in the 'Users' page you will click the '+ Create a User' button in the top left of the screen.


3) Once you click the button to add a new user, you will be taken to the form page below. Fill out the fill, set the person's permissions, click the button to add the new user, and you're good to go!


Users page

You can also manage users on the 'Users' page.

  • To filter users from different providers, use the tabs above the toolbar of 'Users' page.
    The tabs with different providers appear only if you have more than one provider created.
  • To display users assigned only to specific role, use the links in the 'Users' by role pane in the right side of the page.
  • To change the view of the list of users, in the toolbar of the 'Users' page, click one of the following:
    • Click  (Grid).
    • Click  (List).
  • To manage user profile types, click Manage Profile types link in the lower-left corner of the Users page.
    For more information, see Sitefinity's Managing user profiles page.
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