Admin controls won't work in newer versions of Internet Explorer (IE 10 + 9)

Gate 39 Media Support -

Some of the legacy applications developed no longer function properly when loaded in the latest versions of Internet Explorer (9 + 10). These problems can include:

  • Clicking on links within a grid/table and they don't function
  • Filter functions in grid no longer work
  • Updates in grids no longer work

  This is because Microsoft changed the way they allows certain scripts to run. Recognizing this as a potential issue, Microsoft has created a button that enables what is known as "Compatibility Mode". This allows your browser to run as if it were IE 8, an older version of the browser. 

To enable compatibility mode, in the URL button is an image of what looks like a ripped sheet of paper (see image below). Click on this image and the page will refresh running as if it was an older version of IE. After clicking this link all should work properly. You can also try another browser such as Google Chrome.


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