Setting up HootSuite

Willam Ramirez -

Hoot Suite Quick Start Guide

  1. Add Social Networks
  • Click Add Social Network button.
  • Select a social network.
  • Connect your social network.


  1. Select which streams you want to see on your dashboard
  • Add: Stock Twits, Twitter Stream, and any subscribed lists
    • Click Add Stream.
    • Select a social network.
    • Select a profile. 
    • Select a stream.


  1. Composing and sending messages
  • Click to select a social network (more than one can be selected).
  • Type your message.
  • Click Send.


  1. Shrinking URLS
  • Click Compose message.
  • Click Add a link.
  • Paste or type URL, and then click Shrink.
  • Now you can copy and paste the shortened link to a blog or website and track your results with the URL Click Stats - analytics report, or compose a message and share your content with your followers.






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