Add an Infusionsoft web form to your website

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Adding an Infusionsoft web form to your website is generally the same process for any type of website. This guide will describe the process using Sitefinity, however, you may follow the same general outline as long as you have the ability to edit the HTML on your website. For example in Wordpress, make sure you have switched over to the HTML tab when pasting in the code that Infusionsoft provides.

Step 1 - Get code from Infusionsoft

Once you have finished creating your form in Infusionsoft, click on the Code tab. Leave the Javascript Snippet radio button selected and copy the code in the text box using Ctrl C. If you are having any trouble with the Javascript Snippet, please try using the HTML code.


Step 2 - Prep page

Take your copied code and go to the page on which you would like to insert the form. While editing this page in Sitefinity, be sure to drag out a new "Content block" to hold the form. It is not recommended to paste the code into an existing Content block that has other content. 


Step 3 -  Add form

Click "Enter Content" and then be sure to click on the HTML tab. Then paste in the code from Infusionsoft and click Save. Now when you publish the page you will have your Infusionsoft form inserted.


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