How to add your monthly performance data

Joy McNamara -

Once you are logged in to your Clarity account, you should see a screen similar to the one below:


And you will need to select the tear sheet from the list that you wish to edit and click the EDIT button (circled in red) on the corresponding tear sheet.

You will next see the screen below:


And you will need to click the calendar button (circled in red above) to select the date by month and year. (see below)


And click okay (circled in red above) after the correct month and year are selected in teal.

Then in the return box, you will put in your monthly performance. You can put in up to 4 decimal points and it will round to 2 decimal points when you click "Save" (circled in red below).


This will automatically update your tear sheet, which you will be able to view now at the top where it says "View Tearsheet" and will automatically update your YTD.

Something else to take into account is that the AUM & the Highlight box will not do anything unless we have specifically designed your tear sheet to respond to these. The AUM is usually put under the "Properties" tab, so please put your AUM in there, and not here in the monthly performance tab.

Please let us know if this is helpful or if you need further instructions.

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