Add an index/performance short disclaimer

Gate 39 Media Support -

We provide you with the ability to add a short disclaimer below performance tables, charts and other sections of the website. The same short disclaimer will appear wherever the short disclaimer was set-up to appear.

When the Show Short Disclaimer box is checked, the disclaimer shown in the text box will appear on the tear sheet. Unchecking it will hide it. The tear sheet will get longer/shorter depending on the amount of text you enter. 


Possible uses for this disclaimer include:

  • Notes regarding performance
  • Notes regarding changes in strategy
  • Notes regarding indexes used

NOTE: One use we do not recommend is to mix hypothetical and actual trading performance. This is typically a major compliance issue as you will be mixing real and hypothetical results. All calculations including Risk and Return stats are calculated using ALL of the data entered into the spreadsheet. Check with your compliance officer/provider for more information.

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