Create/Modify a Client Portfolio

Gate 39 Media Support -

  1. From a fund profile page, click on [Portfolio Add/Remove]. A new menu will appear.
  2. Select the customer from the User drop down list of clients. The list will display clients assigned to the Broker Sales person logged in, and the complete list of clients for Broker Admins.
  3. When you select a User, a list of existing portfolios will appear in the drop down “Select Portfolio”. Choose a portfolio to add the program to and click [Add] and the program will appear in the client’s existing portfolio.
  4. To create a new portfolio enter a name in the “New Portfolio” field and click [Ok]. The new portfolio name should appear in the Select Portfolio drop down. Select this program and click [Add] to add the program to portfolio you just created for the client.

NOTE: When a program is added to a portfolio, the program is added at the minimum investment amount. Once the programs are added the portfolio should be modified to reflect the desired allocation amounts. See: CHANGING ALLOCATION AMOUNTS IN A PORTFOLIO on how to do this.

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